Kohn’s boasts an extensive menu full of Authentic Southeastern Asian Cuisine, flavorful sushi, sashimi, asian tapas, and fine sakes served in a modern, welcoming atmosphere.

Sushi rolls come with eccentric names and distinct flavors, like the Atl Volcano, which explodes with flavors of spicy tuna and avocado. Fusion recipes like kamikaze tostados, lemongrass beef satay, and pork dumplings highlight a variety of flavor offerings. Guests can also enjoy an array of fine sakes, beers, and wines to accompany each delicious dish.

A unique combination of wholesome ingredients and a healthy dose of creativity make Khon’s tapas, sushi, and other dishes favorites among locals.

Chef Dot Chap and his team are committed to using only the finest ingredients and this makes Khon’s distinctively delicious.

Established in 2014.

Executive Chef Dot Chap and general manager, Winston Evans, joined forces at nearby Pensacola Beach. Inspired by the coast’s relaxed vibe, the duo decided to open an authentic Asian and sushi restaurant.

As former head sushi chef at the Bonsai in the Hilton on Pensacola Beach, Chef Dot brings an air of expertise that make his dishes exceptional.

What started as a simple idea soon successfully manifested itself as Khon’s, which impresses customers with flavorful dishes.